Elbow Pain Physiotherapy At Physio4Wycombe

The elbow joint is the area of connection between the three long bones of the upper limb connect. As well as this there are a multitude of muscles, tendons, ligaments, a joint capsule and nerves attaching to or passing through the area all capable of causing pain, loss of strength, movement limitation and functional impairment requiring physiotherapy.

At Physio4Wycombe we frequently deal with people complaining of elbow conditions, commonly conditions requiring physiotherapy can be the result of overuse such as in the case of tendinopathies like “tennis and golfers elbow” or suffer more traumatic causes of elbow pain following falls like fractures to the neck of the radius or ligament and capsular injuries as a result of contact sports. The elbow is also a common site for referred pain meaning pain presenting in the elbow but originating from areas outside the elbow. Common areas capable of referring pain into the elbow includes the neck or shoulder.

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Common Sources Of Elbow Pain

  • Tendinopathy including “tennis elbow” and “golfers elbow”

  • Fractures

  • Ligament sprain

  • Nerve entrapment

  • Bursitis

  • Referred pain

Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosing Elbow Pain

Common signs and symptoms associated with elbow pain is a weak grip and difficulty trying to grasp objects, soreness around the elbow prominences, pain making a fist or opening up your fingers, as well as a dull ache at rest. Elbow pain responds favourably to physiotherapy intervention when early treatment is sought however some elbow conditions can take considerable time – often many months to heal when the diagnosis is incorrect or the condition is neglected early on and receiving treatment is delayed.

We are focused on treating the cause, not just the symptoms of your discomfort.

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